SLOW DOWN AND MOVE OVER -  This law has always referred mainly to address the need to slow down and change lanes if possible,                                                                           when approaching emergency vehicles, such as police, fire and ambulance, when their lights are                                                                               flashing on the roadsides. This law has been amended to include TOW TRUCKS.

                                                                    Please help our operators remain safe, while helping those in need.

                                                                    Stay Alert and stay focused on your driving. Our operators are constantly helping those on the sides of                                                                       major highways and thoroughfares. Their safety begins with you, so please watch for them and move                                                                         over if you can.

DISTRACTED DRIVING -                   Each year there are a large number of accidents involving injuries and deaths due to drivers texting                                                                          while driving and various other distractions. These actions and their outcomes shatter so many lives                                                                          each day. 

                                                                 It is extremely important, in today's day and age, and with so many vehicles travelling the roadways, to                                                                     be able to focus on driving. 

                                                                 Multi-tasking is beneficial at times, but behind the wheel is not the place for this. Emails and texts are                                                                      best read at the desk or at home.

                                                                 Focus and attention are vital while in control of any motor vehicle.  

                                                                 STAY SAFE, DON"T DRIVE DISTRACTED !!

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